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Supporting Local Businesses

Updated: Apr 3

Small business is a passion of mine. Every day, millions of entrepreneurs and small businesses wake up and embrace the daily grind. As a fellow small business owner and as a financial advisor, I’m working my dream job. Sadly, events like the Coronavirus pandemic are black swans that no one sees coming.

Sometimes these financial and economic events can be devastating for small, local business owners. Right now, communities all over the country can help support local businesses by being more intentional with their dollars. Have you ever stopped to think about the power your dollars could have if they were trapped (aka invested) in your local economy? Can consumers boost their local economy by shopping at local businesses and restaurants? I definitely think so!

No matter where you live, make an effort to find local businesses to support. In my opinion, it’s one of the best ways to build strong communities.

**I must give major credit to @PetethePlanner from Indianapolis for raising this idea back in April. He wrote a fantastic Twitter thread on this subject. He deserves credit. Link to his thread-

Thursday Morning Update: Today I want to focus on how each & every one of us can play a crucial role in rebuilding our communities, once the abject horror of our currently reality subsides. We need to understand the importance of buying local & the trap of convenience. 1/ — Peter Dunn (@PeteThePlanner) April 9, 2020


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