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Can Money Truly Fill the Void in Our Lives?

Even if you aren’t a follower of Christ, the Bible is still considered ancient wisdom literature.

Here’s one of the most famous passages— discussing the LOVE of money. 

What does it mean?

First, let’s consider the author. The widely accepted view is that Ecclesiastes was written by King Solomon, the wealthiest man in the world at his time.

A quick online search reveals that his wealth (in today’s dollars) could have been in the trillions!

Thus, as an author & authority on wealth, I believe he’s writing from a place of experience.

How could someone with more money than they’d ever spend STILL not be satisfied?

Let’s look deeper.

Our culture often uses money to keep score, convey status, and/or fill a void. The problem with this framework is:

✅ someone’s always scoring more than you

✅ someone’s always got more status than you

✅ there’s always another void to be filled

Guess what else?

Even when you “level up” into a new financial bracket, eventually your newfound success feels normal. This adaptation cycle is called the Hedonic Treadmill. It can steal your joy.

First, we achieve, and it feels great. We are riding high… for a time. Then, it just feels normal.

We tend to forget the progress we’ve made, and we start to focus again on what we lack. Maybe it’s the “next” promotion. Maybe it’s another raise or bonus. Either way, we feel less satisfied with our new normal.

So, how might we deal with this? 

Let’s start with some questions you can ask yourself:

⭐️ How much is enough?

⭐️ What does money mean to me?

⭐️ What am I really seeking?

Dig deep into these questions. Wrestle with them. Discuss them with your spouse.

We have to work against the way our brains are wired. Sadly, our culture doesn’t make it easy for us. Resist the money trap that MORE = Better.

Yes, money can help make life easier. Yes, money can help us hide some of our flaws. Yet, there are some voids that money cannot fill.

If you’re looking for $$ to fill an inner void… 

If you’re looking for meaning in material things and possessions…

You will never be satisfied.

Take it from the wealthiest man ever to live.


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