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Hi, I'm Michael.

I'm a financial advisor in Fort Mill, SC that specializes in working with individuals near or in retirement, widows, and small business owners. Whether you are looking to build wealth, improve cash flow, increase retirement income or pass on wealth to your heirs, I can help you achieve your financial goals.

Michael H. Baker

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I Do My Best Work With

You're 50 or older and you are preparing for or you are already in retirement.

(Pre) Retirees
(Pre) Retirees

You have recently lost a loved one and you'd like help managing your finances.


You run your own business and you want help staying on top of your finances.

Business Owners
Business Owners
Michael H. Baker & Family

About Michael

I'm a husband, father, entrepreneur, son, brother, friend, and financial advisor. Trust me, I know how it feels to be perpetually busy. Being busy is also the reason I know how important it is to create a financial plan for yourself now.


We must be intentional. Life passes so quickly.

My life’s journey has made me passionate about serving families in their financial lives because money has a way of touching everything. Financial stress and unmet financial goals can have a significant impact on couples and their loved ones. Too often, we delay addressing our financial concerns about retirement, paying off debt, funding college, or investing.

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Married to my wife, Elizabeth


Two children - Madeline & Harrison

Black Belt

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


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